The owner also eats here

A. Rama Nayak, the pioneer of Udupi Hotels in Bombay, started the iconic “Udupi Shri Krishna Boarding” near Matunga (CR) Railway Station in 1942. This is the time when the Goud Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) community from Mangalore migrated to Bombay, the “El Dorado” for people living in other parts of India, to start “Udupi” restaurants.
Later the Bunt community (notably the Shettys) took over control of Udupi restaurants across Bombay and made it much more popular, while the GSBs almost faded into oblivion – in hotel business. Some of the exceptions being “Udupi Shri Krishna Boarding”, which is still run by the next generation of Nayak family.
A. Rama Nayak made a statement – “The Owner of this Restaurant also eats here” and the placard holds its place in the premises even today. The restaurant serves one of the best Vegetarian Thalis in Bombay and it is served on a plantain leaf, which remains a speciality. It is a mix of GSB cuisine blended with local items, which makes it unique.
Those who love savouring their meal on a plantain leaf should not miss this joint. The taste level goes several notches above 👌👌