Temples of Mahabalipuram – An unaccomplished Project

http://syaden.net/?giniefr=site-de-rencontre-tinder-pc&03b=54 One of the companies, that I worked for in the past, boasted of possessing several project accelerators or “Assets” as they were called, to attract the Customer’s attention. However I used to refer these “assets” as the Temples of Mahabalipuram. Those who did not know the history of this UNESCO World Heritage site, argued the analogy and the context.

http://ortdestreffens.de/?yabloko=binary-options-online-charts&334=81 This is perhaps the only Temple premises in South India, located about 60 kms south of Chennai, where you can walk right upto the “temple” wearing shoes. This is because the structures have no religious significance, as they remained unfinished and unconsecrated.

follow link The project of building the Temple complex was undertaken by the Pallava dynasty, backed by a grand architectural design modeled around rock cut chariots in early 7th Century AD. The Temple complex was ideated by Narasimhavarman, the Pallava King, but sadly the project had to be abandoned after his death. Had the Temple complex been completed, the innovative structure would have been revered as a holy and religious site today.

IQ Option è un broker ampiamente conosciuto e in forte crescita per il commercio con opzioni binarie. Le Top 10 des brokers pour les options trading tutorial. No doubt the Temples of Mahabalipuram still attract tourists, who may perhaps lament at the thought of the structure being incomplete. This is beacuse the Hindus do not consider a Temple without consecration, as a holy site.

http://sundekantiner.dk/bioret/263 Using the analogy of the famous Shore Temples of Mahabalipuram, we can correlate to projects that are undertaken on a grand scale but do not see light at the end of the day. The examples could range from Infrastructural facility to Buildings to Films to even projects delivered by IT companies.

http://inter-actions.fr/bilobrusuy/7644 The “assets” or accelerators were backed by great PPT content boasting about the rich features and benefits, which the customers would derive from its usage. But in reality the “assets” did not support the claims made in the demo, simply because they were not ready to be rolled out. They were incomplete. The analogy, now, seems apt.

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