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Egypt – The Land of the Pharaohs

Egypt and India, the 2 ancient civilizations of the world, have lot of similarities and this was explored during my trip to the “Land of the Pharaohs”…Read more

On the Inca Trail 

Machu Pichhu, the name resonates with mystery, intrigue and of course one of the new Seven Wonders of the modern world. This blog has won several awards for Arvind and has also been featured in 2 National dailies and 1 International Travel Magazine….A must read

The Unexplored Architectural Gem of India

Lepakshi and the Hanging Pillar: Located just a couple of hours drive from Bengaluru, the Veerabhadra Temple at Lepakshi is an unexplored architectural marvel of India. This blog was ranked #2 and #3 in Google search engine within 1 week of posting it. Read on…..

Beijing Diary – Trip to the Mystical Land

Beijing and the Great Wall of China: The mystical and mysterious Beijing, that was once a forbidden land, is today a bustling city with modern buildings amidst historical monuments. This blog was published in Deccan Herald – Bengaluru edition in September 2015.

Srinagar Diary

Srinagar, the valley that was once described as Paradise on Earth and Crown of India, is today struggling to attract Tourists due to turmoil in the region. This blog written in Dec 2005 has been widely read on social media. Read on…..

Enchanting Bali

Bali, a Hindu Kingdom in Muslim majority Indonesia has preserved Hindu culture over the centuries. Please read the extensive blog on Bali, an exotic island destination, favoured by tourists all over the world. Read on…..

Bhutan – The last Shangri-La

Bhutan lies in a different world that is carbon negative, where there are more trees than people, more silence than noise, more happiness than sadness, more wealth than money can buy, more natural beauty than man made concrete jungle and only country in the world where authority cares more about peoples’ lungs and lives than the profit of cigarette companies. Read on…..

The magical Himalayan world of Lahaul & Spiti

World within a World” as Rudyard Kipling once said about the beautiful Spiti valley, that nestles between India and Tibet, offering overwhelming hospitality and providing us the taste of it’s unique culture. Read on…..