Yaatra” means Travel or Journey in Sanskrit. Together with the word “Tales“, it means a collection of tales connected to my journeys. In short “YaatraTales” means Travel Blog.

After writing travel blogs for over 12 years, the author felt it is high time a dedicated website is created to host all the Blogs at one common place, that is easy accessible to travel aficionados.

YaatraTales brings to you travelogues from exotic journeys across the globe with a very clear focus on helping travellers plan their itinerary well, so that they do not miss any important site. The Useful Tips or Do’s and D’onts mentioned at the end of the travelogue, has been found to be extremely useful based on reviews. Visit the Travel Anecdotes category and read how the Author was part of an hijacking incident while on a trip to Chennai and other short tales, based on real life incidents.

The content used in YaatraTales is written in a very lucid and manner, that helps even a first time traveller to adapt easily. Some of the travelogues in the collection, have won awards from Lonely Planet and other leading Travel magazines. Some of the travelogues from foreign countries have also been published in leading Indian journals or newspapers like Times of India, Economic Times, Deccan Herald and The Week.

Enjoy reading the travelogues and have an enthralling experience and feel as if you are actually located at the travel destination. We have also provided you with 2 Value Add features, which you should avail of:

  • If you have any queries related to any travel destination or you need any sort of assistance either to choose the right holiday destination (design a travel itinerary for you) or to know the must see places at the travel destination, just Ask Arvind . This is a Free service and you can expect response within 48 hours.
  • Please also visit the “Travel Tips” section, which is based on the Author’s actual travel experience. This will help you understand the Dos and D’onts, to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.

Do not forget to drop your comments or suggestions after reading the travelogue and should you require any useful tips, do not hesitate to write to yaatratales@gmail.com and you can expect a response within 48 hours !

Shubh Yaatra (Bon Voyage) !

Arvind Kamath