Fried Egg on Toast – Eggs Kejriwal

Did you know that there is a delicacy called “Eggs Kejriwal” and that the dish has it’s origin in Bombay.
Yes, Eggs Kejriwal is a cheese, egg and chilli sandwich invented at the Willingdon Sports Club, located at Bombay. It is said that in the 1960s, there was a Marwari gentleman named Devi Prasad Kejriwal who liked eggs but his family were strict vegetarians. Kejriwal was a very popular figure at Willingdon Club and since he couldn’t get his favourite eggs at home, he had it in the Club, his way.
Eggs Kejriwal is a fried egg on a toast. The fried egg is sprinkled with spicy green chillies as he liked spicy food. He would gorge on this sumptuous breakfast at the Club after a round of golf.
Today Eggs Kejriwal is served at many restaurants but in a little refined version that uses cheese and tomatoes as well. The cheese and tomatoes help to reduce the hot green chilli effect.
Eggs Kejriwal topped the list out of 10 dishes compiled by New York Times food critic, Pete Wells 2 years ago. Wells sampled this dish at Paowalla, a restaurant in New York started by celebrated chef and native of Bombay called Floyd Cardoz.