Bombay Duck – The seafood delicacy

If you are a true seafood lover, how can you miss BOMBAY DUCK or Bombil, if you are visiting Bombay !!
Bombil Fry is one such dish, that is to be relished only in Bombay or surrounding areas and nowhere else. And if you happen to taste the Golden deep fried Bombils at Gajalee in Vileparle (East), then you have achieved something really fishy in life 😃
Bombil fry is also available at few joints in Bangalore like Mahesh Lunch Home etc., who import the beauties from Bombay ….. but comes nowhere close to the taste you get at the Bombay based joints.
The photos of Bombil Fry from Gajalee (Vileparle) at right and Mahesh Lunch Home (Bangalore) at left. No comparison at all.