Bappanadu – Temple built by a Muslim

Bappanadu – Temple built by a Muslim

As you travel from Mangalore to Udupi on National Highway number 66, after about 26 kms you will come across a small village called “Bappanadu” on the left side near the Temple town of Mulky, which is also called a “surfer’s paradise” since last few years.

The 800 year old Durga Parmeshwari Temple at Bappanadu near Mulky (Mangalore district) is believed to be built by a Muslim trader called Bappa Beary. As the legend goes, Bappa Beary, a Muslim merchant from Kerala, was once sailing through the Shambhavi River for reasons of trade. When the boat reached Mulki, it stopped suddenly mid-river, having hit an obstacle underwater. The obstacle turned out to be the five lingas and pedestals of the temple that had collapsed recently due to flooding of the river. The waters of the river turned blood-red and Bappa, a devout man, immediately did his namaaz and, then, slept in the mired boat. The Goddess appeared in his dream and asked him to build a temple for her.

Bappa Beary later settled down at Mulky and with the help of a local merchant built the Temple. Even till date the Car Festival starts from his ancestral house, where his descendants still reside. The first Prasadam is offered to this family. Every Friday there is community feeding where people from all religions congregate. The Muslim community, especially, perform temple rituals to appease the Goddess.

The Temple is also famous for its Bappanadu’s Dolu (musical drum), a large drum featured at the entrance of the temple. Famed all over the Kannada region, the drum-beating ceremony is held during the annual festival in honour of the deity. 

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