Hope you enjoyed reading the travelogues and must be planning your next holiday to one of the travel destinations listed on YaatraTales. But you want to know more about :

  • the destination, so that you don’t want to miss any important place, having gone that far.
  • the itinerary, so that you cover all the important places in the limited time you have
  • the accommodation, so that you have a very comfortable and hassle-free stay
  • the food, so that you relish the local delicacies and not miss the best joints in town
  • the dos and donts, so that you are well prepared before the journey starts and
  • of course the Travel Tips from Arvind to make your trip extremely memorable for years to come

If you are undecided on which travel destination to choose for your memorable holiday, you may Ask Arvind for his suggestion. Sometimes you have have 2 or 3 destinations in mind but not sure which one to choose based on your budget, convenience and other factors (questions around fitment for a family outing etc)

Ask Arvind and he will give you the best possible suggestion based on his experience and this service is Gratis (no charge or fee). Go ahead and fill up the simple form appended below. If you have any question that is not listed, please tick on Others and mention details in the box below.

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